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Monday, December 27, 2004
Dad ebays naughty kids christmas presents update: Auction sold for $5,300

It seems quite likely that there is a fair amount of profiteering going on here. If the products were in good condition he could have just returned them to the store (his original auction listed the items as used, but now they are listed as new).

Its unlikely that the reason he contacted the media was because it was a "human interest story" most likely he wanted to profit off his purchase of these hot christmas items. He won't give his real name (probably for fear of being tarred if he was found out), but he is more than happy to give his ebay id so that the media can help people find his auction.

CNN states that he is in IT which means its unlikely that he is poor, this is also evidenced by the Houston Chronicle article which shows that on top of the Nintendo DS's that he bought for his kids he also bought "a bicycle, fish tank and karaoke machine" which of course he will also consider auctioning off. His auction was cancelled twice and yet he still relisted the auction so he knows that the media publicity that he generated will get him a high bid price and make it worth his while. An average parent would have returned the items to the store by now.

A look a the ebay profile shows that he recently purchased a toddlers dress, which implies that he has no sons (or that he is encouraging them to be transvestites). This coincides with members claim that he is divorced and his ex-wife had a daughter. According to the user he sells lights that go in ballons from

Previous posts: Dad ebays naughty kids christmas presents update: Auction sold for $5,300
Bad Children get no Nintendo DS bids over $10,000
Original Post: Dad with naughty kids threatens to sell Christmas presents on EBay. Kids call his bluff, Dad sells gifts on eBay
Houston Chronical Update


So there I was, surfing the net late at night. I did a web search for Ballumination, Inc. and saw our name in a Blog? Wow, gotta go check that one out.

Oh, the Ebay thing again. I decided to read your Blog to see what your oppinion is on the hub-bub. We have learned that everyone has an oppinion.

There are words and phrases here that amaze me. "Profiteering", "happy to give out his ebay ID", "it is unlikely he is poor", "he has no sons, (or that he is encouraging them to be transvestites)", "he is divorced and his ex-wife had a daughter".

But I've refused to raise my head into this myriad of mis-information.

This is why I refused Good Morning America, The Today's Show, and countless TV and radio interviews. I won't even talk to the Chronical anymore.

You see - NOTHING in my third paragraph is true.

~ N O T H I N G ~

And that is just a few items I quickly picked out of your blog. When we asked to remain TOTALLY anonymous - our email and auction ID was released to the public in the newspaper THE NEXT DAY.

What is true? I won't get into the entire story - but we didn't sell all the presents. We didn't take down the tree. The children had "The best Christmas we've ever had". AND THEY LEARNED GOOD VALUES AND ACCOUNTABILITY - LIKE THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON FROM IT.

And yes, the Golden Palace Casino put $5,300.00 right into our bank account. And why not. They bought a million dollars of publicity for what to them is left hand pocket money now didn't they?

Who cares, our church gets a new heater which was an immediate goal the moment the publicity hit.

Our kids know accountability, honoring responsability for your actions when you know what the results are before hand, That both Mom and I are people of our word and we don't make idle threats, and most important of all.....

The song is true.

He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice.

The words are not.

Don't believe everything you read. We were amazed at how blown out of context it got for the sensationalism.

So now "the dad" has spoken, and in the most unlikely of places. If you have comments on this, or don't believe it is me - the owner of this Blog can email me at (now that the entire world knows that email address) and I'll write you back and confirm it really is me.

I'll leave you with a quote:

"If someone tells you what will happen if you jump off of a tall building - and you make the decision to do it - God's rules and natures laws do not change 1/2 way down to the pavement just because now you want to change the outcome of your previous actions."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 AM  

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