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Friday, February 07, 2003
Sexysinglestrugglingmomneedsyou she's got Hepatitis C and actually shows uncensored pictures :)

The homeless web beggar.

Seems like an irony at first, if he's homeless how can he pay for web access? Well apparently he's not a complete bum he was kicked out of his apartment and lives in his car and is hoping for job leads more than money. And of course he's got the saveKaryn style pictures with his face half covered. Whats interesting is that to get his clothes clean and pressed rather than go buy an iron and small ironing board to use at a laundromat he sends his clothes to be dry cleaned!

Begging (or rather suing) for grades:

Student sues to get A+, not A apparently the student did some work outside of school. This outside school system had its highest grade as "A" while the students own school had an "A+." So wanting to be the valedictorian he is sueing his school to get the grade be accepted as an A+

Monday, February 03, 2003
Found a new beggar who seems to understand the power of blogging, Princess Natalie who is running

The Society to Prevent My Employment
Cash donations so far: $1473.05 + misc goods

Cyber Beggar Updates: RIP :( $3,321.51/$4,500

Sunday, February 02, 2003
Perhaps this was what heather from mentioned when she said to bring on the sex toys. Send me money for sex toys

I've seen some good parody's and here's another of, its

Save Karyn's Complexion
Help Karyn clear her pores and erase those wrinkles!

More type sites:, but taking the opposite tack of there are quite a few more pictures at this site.