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Saturday, May 03, 2003
funny chat transcripts from

<glome> Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?!
<content> glome stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
<glome> Who me?!
<content> Yes you!
<glome> Couldn't be!
<content> Then WHO?!!
<glome> Woody stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
*** glome has been kicked by DrWoody (f*** you i didn't touch the motherf***ing
cookie, b***h)

another one:

<Thumb> do you know of any major organizations that are similar the CDC?
<Lucent> who?
<Thumb> center for disease control
<Lucent> i said WHO
<Thumb> what? i'm asking you
<Lucent> World Health Organization

and finally:

* ab is away - gone, if anyone talks in the next 25 minutes as me it's bm being an a**hole -

Friday, May 02, 2003
Pinned hiker cuts off arm

After being pinned by a boulder for four days, man cuts off his own arm to survive. After he cut off his arm he rapeled down the side of a rock wall and eventually after finding help walked into an emergency room.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level of Hell - Limbo!

Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Level | Score
Purgatory | Low
L1 - Limbo | High
L2 | High
L3 | Very Low
L4 | Moderate
L5 | Low
L6 - The City of Dis | Very Low
L7 | Moderate
L8- the Malebolge | Moderate
L9 - Cocytus | Low

Level descriptions
Take the test:

How to Smoke in Airplane Lavatories
So simple its amazing :) Basically you tape a bowl over the smoke detector, seal it up with duct tape and bring in some mouth wash and fart spray to cover up any odors.

Monday, April 28, 2003
Lawyer explains huge billing error

Lawyer bills school for three 25 hours days and one 81 hour day. Claims decimal problem was the cause, sure :)

Deputies skeptical about family’s tale that cat shot teen

An update on the 4/19/03 story: boy who shot rats, and his cat who shot him. Officers claim it couldn't happen, the cat wasn't heavy enough and the gun was too hard to fire. Family states that cat repeatedly jumped up and down on the gun.

Sunday, April 27, 2003
Potter conjures up a royal fortune

Apparently the creator of Harry Potter is richer than the Queen!, and the richest woman not to have inherited or married here money. The Queen suffered some loss of wealth (too many stocks I presume), her net worth dropping 250m pounds, otherwise she still would have been queen of the list.

The Lies We Are Told About Iraq

Information about the first Gulf war and how we made Iraq look like it was going to invade Saudi Arabia when it wasn't : Officials: 9/11 Was Main Reason for War

So I guess there was no smoking gun after all, and now we have to deal with the aftermath of the UN and Middle East problems we have gotten ourselves into.

Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies

Selective intelligence and tainted intelligence was used to build the case for war. Briefings by intelligence officials were distorted by politicians and Iraqi agencies who received Pentagon funding.

China helps prisoners achieve dreams of higher education
This is what we should do with our prison inmates, send them to school. I would guess that if prisoners feel they have something they can do legitimately they would be more likely to do it.

Apple Applies For Rotary Mouse Patent

Why don't mice have thumbwheels on them? I don't want to move my index finger, I don't want to use it to scroll, I want to click with it.