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Thursday, June 03, 2004
Twister caught on camera

Cool picture

Church leaders strike deal to let Prince Charles re-marry

The Archbishop of Canterbury as leader of the Anglican Church, gves blessing to Prince Charles to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.

"The issue of whether the royal heir can marry a divorcee has vexed constitutional experts for years, since the British monarch is the titular head of the Anglican church and thus officially expected to be beyond moral reproach."
As long as you don't look at the tabloids.

Churchmen Upset Over Nude Cyclists

Church youth charity bike ride and nudist bicycle tour group scheduled for same day.

Church asks youths to call the police if they see nude bikers since "Nudity in public is provocative and illegal"

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
'Ladies Night' Discount Axed in N.J. Bars

A man complains about having to pay a $5 cover charge and full price for drinks while women get in free and get discounted drinks. The NJ state division of civil rights rules it as a discriminatory practive, governor of NJ responds calling it "bureaucratic nonsense." Pennsylvania and Iowa say ladies nights are illegal while Illinois and Washington state allow it claiming that it doesn't disciminate against men but encourages women to attend.

Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail

The killer app for bluetooth devices: sex with random strangers.

"toothing," where strangers on trains and buses and at bars and concerts hook up for clandestine sex by text messaging each other with their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or PDAs.

The truth is relative to men, women A study on lying and peoples perception of lying.

Use account:
with password: password

Do men lie more than women? Researchers say no
Researchers have found some people who always tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of the outcome. They tend to have limited and difficult social lives.
many researchers have found that women lie to underreport the number of sexual partners they've had.
Women said a lie is an intentional untruth "that hurts someone." Men said a lie was a misstatement of the facts. (Not mentioning something was not a lie, many men said.)
Hollander even found that men who admitted they were leery of a relationship scored points with women.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Family's lost cat found nailed under floorboards

"That cat is a complete idiot."

Family cat gives up normal nap spots to sleep under the floorboards of their house. During renovation, the builder boarded up the bat under the floor. The cat was found looking though a hole where a hole for a light fitting was cut.

Mother damages foetus with loud educational tapes

In hopes of giving birth to a genius, mother plays loud educational tapes against her abdomen, resulting in her child being born with hearing damage.

Man discovers car in bedroom

Man returns to his apartment at 6am and finds a car driven into his bedroom.

bolt on a 15 mph speed limit sign ... is placed in such a way that it makes the sign appear to set a speed limit of 1.5 mph"

With picture, the 15mph sign replaced a 25mph sign. Reports have been made of people jamming on their brakes and driving less than 2mph. Instead of increasing safety, sign will most likely increase rear end collisions of drivers who misread the sign. Even better is that there is no legal 15mph speed limit in New Jersey, making speeding ticket unenforceable.

Monday, May 31, 2004
Study shows car drivers pack pounds

The survey of 10,500 metro Atlanta residents found that for every extra 30 minutes commuters drove each day, they had a 3 percent greater chance of being obese than their peers who drove less.

The more driving you do means you're going to weigh more - the more walking means you're going to weigh less

Zookeepers use TV to entertain gorillas

Gorillas find sports uninteresting but National Geographic specials and Disney cartoons fascinate them.

Surfer goes toe-to-toe with shark 'I thought I was dust,' he says of 5-minute ordeal off Bodega Bay

Surfer thinks that fin was a dolphin, a great white dolphin with lots of teeth and a huge gaping mouth. Hours after attack surfers resume surfing, except for the other surfer that didn't want to paddle in.

Ushers Thwart Pirates at Potter Showings

Warner brothers has distributed night vision goggles along with copies of its latest Harry Potter film. Ushers will spend the entire film scanning the audience to see if any illegal copies of the film are being recorded.

Shrek 2 estimated to take top spot for Memorial day weekend box office

If estimates are correct, Shrek 2 will have had the largest Memorial day weekend ever, more impressive since this was the movies second weekend in theaters. With Harry Potter arriving this weekend, doubts are cast on whether Shrek 2 can eclipse Finding Nemo with the largest animated haul of $340 million. But by the time Potter comes out Shrek 2 will have passed $300 million.

The Paper Trail - Did Cheney Okay a Deal?

When Tim Russert asked if Cheney was involved in awarding contracts he replied: "Of course not, Tim ... And as Vice President, I have absolutely no influence of, involvement of, knowledge of in any way, shape or form of contracts led by the [Army] Corps of Engineers or anybody else in the Federal Government." But an email was recently found in which the Pentagon refers to not anticipating any problems with the contract award since it had been coordinated with the VP's office.

Our drivers are living in terror

An Australian woman in a car stopped at a traffic light while strange man entered her vehicle to ask her for a date. After screaming and honking the horn, the man eventually got out but proceeded to tail the woman. "I always lock my doors now" she stated.

Cheney Office 'Coordinated' Halliburton Deal -Time

Email found that shows VP Dick Cheney's office coordinated the contract award for his former employer Halliburton where he worked as CEO though he still gets "deferred compensation" from the company and still has "stock options worth about $8m."

Sunday, May 30, 2004
Ferrari wins Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

A relieved Ferrari finished 1-2 after Michael Schumacher did not finish the last race and his teammate Rubens Barrichello came in 4th. Schumacher started the race and was able to lap 2-3 seconds faster than anyone else for the first 8 laps creating a decisive lead that effectively won him the race.

Constructors cup standings:
1 Ferrari 106
2 Renault 61
3 BAR - Honda 46
4 Williams - BMW 36
5 Sauber - Petronas 10

Crash Testing: MINI Cooper vs Ford F150

Compares offset frontal crash testing of the Ford F150 (previous model year) and the Mini Cooper. From the pictures its clear to see that the Mini's occupany compartment is in significantly better condition than the Ford F150's.

Looking at some stats, the five worst vehicles in terms of death rates:
Toyota Tacoma 171
Chevrolet Cavalier 186
Dodge Neon 199
Pontiac Sunfire 202
Ford F-Series 238

and the five best:
Toyota Avalon 60
Chrysler Town & Country 67
Toyota Camry 70
Volkswagen Jetta 70
Ford Windstar 72

Of course this doesn't take into account how people drive, it could be that F150 drivers are worse than your average driver and on top of its safety issues it ends up on the bottom of the list. As an example if you look at rollover rates, its not vehicles with high centers of gravity that have high rollover rates (SUV's etc.) but sports cars (Corvettes etc.) because people who drive Corvettes drive them faster and so are more likely to flip the car even though they have very low centers of mass.

Voting with Their Feet

Army officers and soldiers are prevented from leaving by stop loss orders. Story ends by stating that the draft might be inevitable.

“It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Army is going to be losing a lot of people as soon as they get the chance to vote with their feet.”