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Saturday, January 01, 2005
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will visit tsunami stricken Indonesia next week, as the world increased aid pledges to $2 billion for tsunami-hit areas in South Asia, U.N. officials said Saturday.

"But he said "the biggest constraints are logistical" in getting aid to victims who survived the Tsunami, which he estimated killed at least 150,000 people. More than half the dead were in Sumatra.

Helicopters, air traffic control units, boats and landing draft as well as cargo planes and several hundreds trucks were urgently needed.

"Military logistics as valuable as cash or gold (to) for us get there in the race against the clock," Egeland said."

Mom Forced to Choose Sons During Tsunami

A mother with two sons, 5 and 2, was forced to choose to save one of them when the tsunami struck. At the time she chose to hold onto the younger son, another woman tried to grab her older son but let go as she herself was being swept away. Eventually the 5 year old was found, though one would wonder what kind of future problems this cause for the child as he grows up.

Experts: Tsunami Kills Few Animals

Sri Lankan wildlife officials were surprised that they were unable to find large number of animal deaths, indicating that the animals sensed the impending tsunami and moved out of harms way.

British 'angel' saved hundreds from tsunami with classroom knowledge

"Last term Mr Kearney taught us about earthquakes and how they can cause tsunamis," Tilly was quoted as saying by The Sun. "I was on the beach and the water started to go funny. There were bubbles and the tide went out all of a sudden. "I recognised what was happening and had a feeling there was going to be a tsunami. I told mummy."

Based on the girls alert, Phukets Maikhao beach and neighboring hotel were evacuated before the tsunami struck.

Tsunami Satellite Images before and afterElders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais

"The elders told us that if the water recedes fast it will reappear in the same quantity in which it disappeared," so at this point the Morgan sea gypsies headed for higher ground.

Big Wave Surfing Links
Big Wave Surfing

Surfing Hurricane Ivan Waves Surfer gets towed in and surfs 30+ ft wave, hard to tell at first

Surfline: Opening day at Jaws Description from site: "Who needs Playstation when you can watch these guys?"

Garret Mcnamara: Tow-In and Extreme Surfing Videos

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Man bodysurfed waves of terror
Briton Surfs Tsunami, Survives

Man bodysurfed waves of terror

Another mega tsunami wave surfing story. Apparently another person was out in the ocean and upon seeing the waves decided to just body surf the wave. He states that he saw people trying to hang onto stationary items and get thrown around by the waves, so by moving with the water he thought that would be the way to go. He body surfed the wave until he was able to get his feet onto some pavement.

Briton Surfs Tsunami, Survives

"Markwell was paddling on his surfboard Sunday off the popular Hikkaduwa beach resort on Sri Lanka's palm-fringed southern coast when he was swept up by a tsunami wave and sent crashing over a white sand beach and into a hotel restaurant. "

Amazingly the man actually stayed on the surfboard and surfed the wave to shore and went to higher ground before larger waves came in.


Friday, December 31, 2004
Another Mega Tsunami Video

This one shows the swell going from almost a large ripple to an over 30 foot monster. It was taken on Koh Lanta beach in Thailand, at beach level.

Koh Lanta Tsunami Video

Other tsunami videos:
Video 1 (8MB)
Video 2 (11MB)
Video 3 (12MB)
Video 4 (15MB)

Other Tsunami Posts:
Phuket Tsunami Picture Gallery as it happens!
Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Wave Video Footage
Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Wave Video Footage and Photos

CNN: Mega Tsunami Video Footage

Large number of video links to tsunami videos. Most require RealOne SuperPass or CNN Newspadd

Thursday, December 30, 2004
Mega Tsunami Indian Ocean Earthquake Toll Jumps to Over 135,000, aid trickles in

Supplies, such as food and medicine, are starting to come via military trucks and aircraft, but airport crowding and lack of fuel might hinder further efforts.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Help Wiki

Wikinews just launched a Tsunami Help page to collect links to relief effort resources including aid agencies, missing and found people, confirmed deaths, news updates, and helpline numbers. The emergency database was created by contributors to the SEA-EAT (Tsunami Help) blog

via BoingBoing

Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Wave Video Footage and Photos

Video from Patong beach hotel.
Video from Sri lanka beach hotel.
Yahoo! Slideshows - Asian Tsunami Disaster
A 156MB .torrent file
A collection of photos from Male', Maldives
Kalutara, Sri Lanka
December 26
BBC video about the tsunami (requires RealVideo codec)
Photos after the destruction of Koh Phi Phi Island
Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami.
4 different videos (wmv and avi format)
Agency photos from the affected areas
More photos from Malé
Tsunami in Penang Malaysia, video taken on 26 December.
Photo sequence of tsunami flooding in Phuket (Thailand) resort.
Photos of Malé, capital of the Maldives.

Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Wave Video Footage
NEW: Tsunami's batter exclusive Thai resorts (AP Video)
NEW: More than 800 killed on Sri Lanken Train (AP Video)
Video (9.5 MB) from the BBC.Video (105.2 MB 14 min.) from the BBC. Lots of new footage and info.(For those with trouble watching the BBC vids, download VLC, then right-click the link and save a copy to your computer. You should then be able to watch. It's worth it for the long one, lots of good info and new videos.)

Indian Ocean Mega Tsunami Wave Hi Res Satellite Images

via BoingBoing

View Tsunami Image
View Before Tsunami Image
View Beach Image
View Before Beach Image
View Beach 2 Image
View Before Beach 2 Image
View Large Overview Image
View Large Before Overview Image

Indian Ocean Earthquake Mega Tsunami Charitable Organizations

List of links to charitable organizations help on the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake Tsunami. Please give what help you can.

Some of the more popular organizations:
International Red Cross & Red Crescent
Doctors Without Borders

Global Organizations
International Red Cross / Red Crescent
United Nations Children's Fund
MSF [3]
Médecins Sans Frontières
IRW [4]
Islamic Relief Worldwide (

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Phuket Tsunami Picture as it comes inPhuket Tsunami Picture as it comes in
Wikipedia: 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

Wikipedia page covering what happened. Shows animation of earthquake and breaks down information by country. Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India have been the worst hit in terms of confirmed casualties. The earthquake was the strongest in 40 years actually changed the rotation of the earth slightly. The biggest threat now is containing the spread of communicable diseases which may double the death toll of 50,000.

Links to video footage of the tsunami from wikipedia:
BBC video about the tsunami
Footage of the tsunami (4 videos)
More videos - 2 asian earthquake videos
Agency photos from the affected areas
More photos from Malé
Tsunami Caught on Video Camera

Monday, December 27, 2004
Phuket Tsunami Picture Gallery as it happens!

Amazing picture gallery of the tsunami coming in and scary pics of water level rising to 2nd/3rd floor balcony from where pictures are being taken.

Britney Spears Corset PictureStalker Obsessed by Love for Britney Spears

A Canadian musician writes love songs for Britney Spears has already spent time in jail for stalking Britney Spears. He visited Britney's mom to show that he was a decent person which landed him in jail. Even though Britney is married he is confident that he and Britney Spears will be together.

Dad Ebay's kids christmas presents: Bad Children get no Nintendo DSOnline casino buys naughty kids' gifts
The winning bidder in the christmas auction was The good thing about the purchase was that they are requiring the proceeds be donated and they are donating the Nintendo DS units to needy kids in Texas. This way the original seller will not be able to profit from the media he generated.

Previous posts:
Dad ebays naughty kids christmas presents update: Auction sold for $5,300
Bad Children get no Nintendo DS bids over $10,000
Original Post: Dad with naughty kids threatens to sell Christmas presents on EBay. Kids call his bluff, Dad sells gifts on eBay
Houston Chronical Update

Dad ebays naughty kids christmas presents update: Auction sold for $5,300

It seems quite likely that there is a fair amount of profiteering going on here. If the products were in good condition he could have just returned them to the store (his original auction listed the items as used, but now they are listed as new).

Its unlikely that the reason he contacted the media was because it was a "human interest story" most likely he wanted to profit off his purchase of these hot christmas items. He won't give his real name (probably for fear of being tarred if he was found out), but he is more than happy to give his ebay id so that the media can help people find his auction.

CNN states that he is in IT which means its unlikely that he is poor, this is also evidenced by the Houston Chronicle article which shows that on top of the Nintendo DS's that he bought for his kids he also bought "a bicycle, fish tank and karaoke machine" which of course he will also consider auctioning off. His auction was cancelled twice and yet he still relisted the auction so he knows that the media publicity that he generated will get him a high bid price and make it worth his while. An average parent would have returned the items to the store by now.

A look a the ebay profile shows that he recently purchased a toddlers dress, which implies that he has no sons (or that he is encouraging them to be transvestites). This coincides with members claim that he is divorced and his ex-wife had a daughter. According to the user he sells lights that go in ballons from

Previous posts: Dad ebays naughty kids christmas presents update: Auction sold for $5,300
Bad Children get no Nintendo DS bids over $10,000
Original Post: Dad with naughty kids threatens to sell Christmas presents on EBay. Kids call his bluff, Dad sells gifts on eBay
Houston Chronical Update

Sunday, December 26, 2004
Anna Benson Baseballs hottest wife pictureAnna Benson's comments may backfire for husband Kris Benson
Mets Employees Doing Everything They Can to Get a Piece of Anna Benson

After making comments that she would have sex with the entire team if she found that her husband was cheating on her, Mets employees who want to sleep with Anna Benson are doing their best to make Kris Benson cheat on his wife. Prostitutes were hired and sent to Kris in the hopes that he might not be faithful and he has been taken to multiple strip clubs for the same reason.

Concession workers are getting legal advice to see if they are eligible. Kris Benson was approached by a janitor who kept saying he would offer his wife for an autograph, hoping that he would get a shot at Anna Benson if Kris agreed. Even Eagle Scouts are looking for some action, in the hopes of getting a "Gang-Banging" merit badge, which can only be given if the entire troop has a sexual encounter with a female. Their claim is that they worked in Shea stadium volunteering to sell programs and souvenirs.

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Anna Benson, baseballs hottest wife, tells Howard Stern she'll have sex with the whole team if she finds him cheating on her
Anna Benson Pics