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Saturday, May 29, 2004
$50 iPod from MS just bad journalism

Microsoft states that they will make iPod like reference designs that others will make and also make other small devices that will be in the $50 range.

Gadget Gals

Women outspend men on electronics by 14%. Stores cater to this by providing virtual husbands.

"Annan said, "If mom's on a tight schedule, she can schedule in advance to come down to Best Buy and we will have somebody lined up for her so we can take her to the shopping process on step at a time."

But a recent survey found most women feel they receive better service when they shop with a man. So store clerks strive to make women more at home in the electronics aisles, without talking down to them. "

Single mom overwhelmed by recording industry suit

41 year old woman who doesn't know how to use her computer and making $21k/yr, gets call from RIAA asking for $540,000. After stating that she doesn't have the money the RIAA responds that she should talk to an attorney. Her response, she doesn't have the money to talk to a lawyer.

"The record companies are willing to negotiate cases individually if someone says they cannot afford the penalties. So far, no case has gone to trial, the RIAA said."

PBS | I, Cringely . The Little Engine That Could

A discussion of how a wireless router from Linksys (owned by Cisco) is based on a GPL'd Linux and can be used to create neighborhood wireless ISPs.

Keeping Presidents in the Nuclear Dark

From the 1960's until 1977, the security code needed to launch a Minuteman missile was OOOOOOOO.

Army: Friendly Fire Likely Killed Tillman

Before becoming a soldier Tillman was a football player for the Arizona Cardinals. He walked away from a $3.6 million contract to join the army.

"Tillman died because of a "misunderstanding" when two mixed groups of American and Afghan soldiers began firing wildly in the confusion following a land mine explosion."

the playpump
from metafilter: a water pump designed as a merry go round so that when kids play on it water is pumped into a water tower which has advertising so that the local community receives money to maintain the pump.

Iraq Net Assessment: Strategic Overview and Recommendations

Quote: I asked a friend whom I respect deeply and who has worked in the US government for many years — a man I will call "X" for reasons that will become apparent — to bring me up to speed with his analysis of events. He responded with what is often called a "net assessment" — a weighing of the pros and cons of what is going on in Iraq in the form of a formal memorandum. Like most memorandums it is written in the bland language of the US government, and it is full of acronyms, but it is nevertheless very insightful and, I think, important.

Interesting point listed under successes:

4. Concerted USG psychological operations [psy-ops] to condition the U.S. domestic population (to include the news media and Congress) to accept OIF rationales were highly effective in the pre-attack and attack phases. But like all psy-ops, effectiveness attenuated as reality diverged from the message (b).

Take Geek Test. My rating:18.93491% - Geek

Woman Gets Fake $20 From ATM

Shockingly the bank refused to exchange the fake $20 bill for a real one until the media picked up the story apparently.

Friday, May 28, 2004
US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war

Story discusses Iran giving misleading information to US regarding Saddam Husseins war capabilities. The individuals involved claim that they are part of a smear campaign.

The Mac is a Harsh Mistress but Microsoft, ladies and gentlemen, is a cheap whore.

Application of sexual metaphors to OS's. Apple is a lover, Microsoft is a cheap whore and Linux is a psychotic ex.

In an update on a previous post snopes rates this as an undetermined urban legend. The general reasoning that its an urban legend is that there are no detailed quotes from the couple, the spokesman or their names, that the general practice is to ask in depth sexual nature and frequency questions first, and that some quotes are somewhat extreme for a professional to make (ex:"We are not talking retarded people here"). Finally no one at Lübeck University had any knowledge of the story.

Sydney doctor consulted sore throat, asks patient to drop his trousers and take a look down under

Doctor, previously convicted of assaulting a 23 year pleads not guilty to assaulting a 22 year old man. Upon visiting the doctor regarding a sore throat, patient finds that doctor pulled his pants down and touched his penis.

Home-made pizza is making our children BRIGHTER

School bans food preservatives and additives, only allows fruit juice, milk and water, makes meals healthier and finds that students concentrate more and are less disruptive in class. Families switch kids diets and find kids go to bed earlier and cause less trouble.

Man's name a big turn-off for girls

Man whose name means penis too big, has trouble finding dates with his name and oversize body, and eventually marries girl who doesn't understand his language or his name.

Turning 111 on a Beer a Day

The oldest man in Germany, 111 years old, attributes his longevity to drinking beer daily.

After Age 40, It's The Wives Who Want To Split

In general its not the older man who dumps his wife for a younger woman but the reverse. In most cases women were aware of the problems and men were caught off guard though most women stated the problems were physical or emotional abuse, infidelity or drug and alcohol abuse.

Cleavage in TV ad ruled to be exploitative and degrading

Commercial showing boy in surgery opening mouth wider when dental nurse leans over and shows cleavage, ruled to be deameaning and the involvement of a pubescent boy as unacceptable.

Thursday, May 27, 2004
Atkins dieter sues after heart op

PETA associated group backs legal case for man sueing Atkins for having high cholesterol.

"He says it raised his cholesterol so much that he had to undergo a medical procedure to unclog blocked arteries."

Atkins estate responds stating that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Nutrition is "a well-known vegan and animal rights group, has a long history of initiating these kinds of scare tactics that are designed to convince the American public to stop eating animal protein of any sort."

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Man sues wife over ugly past

After giving birth to an ugly baby, husband suspects his wife of having an affair. She admits that before they met she had had plastic surgery. Husband files for divorce.

Did Rumsfeld ban Iraq camera phones?

Legitimate news sources fooled as they quote Donald Rumsfeld word for word from the The Daily Farce

Bears' ability to hibernate may hold key to longer space travel

Wild bears are being lured into traps with M&M's malted milk balls, and ice cream cones. Once the bear has fallen for the sweet trap, they will be studied to examine how they can hibernate for 5 months without losing muscle mass or defecating. Bears produce waste while hibernating but recycle this waste back into their blood stream. The bears will be fitted with radio collars so that they can be examined next winter.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Coca-Cola Launches Low-Carb, Low-Calorie C2 Cola

Coke launches low carb cola named C2 which has less than half the calories of coke. Classic coke to still be sold and will remain unchanged.

Discarded Human Waste Angers UDOT Workers

A little insight into the lives of truckers, paying them to be on the road results in bottled urine and bagged feces. If no public rest areas (which in Utah are being shut down and exacerbates the problem) are available the bagged and bottled waste is thrown out the window. The state spends $24k per year to clean up the waste, though the idea of fixing the source of the problem seems to have been thrown out the window.

Next time send money: post office

Couple gets their mail opened, finding no money Postal worker attaches note:

"Dear customer, we had to open this letter to check for money or credit cards, there were none, so you can have the f....r back!!!

"Next time, make sure there is some money!! Love, Royal Mail."

Why Apple Has an iPod Division

Follow up to a previous post on the new iPod division. Robert Cringley states that among the possible scenarios is that eventually Mac hardware will go away. Which makes some sense since the head of Mac hardware is now the head of the iPod division. Of course this won't happen soon since those glitzy Apple retail stores need to sell more than iPods. Another more mundane explanation is that by creating an iPod division it eliminates channel conflicts since one can pick up an iPod at Target etc.

New To McDonald's Menu: McDVD: "Fast-Food Chain Tests Renting DVDs To Corner Convenience Market"

Patrons can rent the top 30 DVD titles for $1 per day and return them to any of the Denver-area stores.

Company officials said they are trying to lure more customers during slow dinner hours and that similar tests around Washington and Las Vegas received a huge response.

Monday, May 24, 2004
bitch hit my truck

A guys truck gets hit by some woman. He gets her number and initially cooperates but decides not to help him since it might hurt her chances of getting a job. He puts up a website, it gets linked around the web and eventually a detective calls the lady who contacts her insurance company and resolved the matter!

Wanted: 100 Cows And A Ticket To Africa

High school grad asks gf to marry him. Problem 1: gf is in refugee camp in Kenya. Problem 2: Family asks for dowry of 100 cows. Problem 3: A ticket to get to Africa.


The hamster doesn't sing, but it is really fat. So fat that when it got sucked into the vacuum tube it got stuck which saved its life since it was mere inches from the fan blade aka hamster meat grinder.

"If he had been a thin hamster, things would have been a lot worse."

Nude roller coaster record aka roller coaster of love

82 british students from 15 universities rode a rollercoaster nude to mark the 25th anniverssary of Thorpe Park in the UK w/ pics, more rollercoaster pics, another pic, some more pics

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