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Saturday, May 17, 2003
Yahoo! News - Autos' black-box data turning up in courtrooms
Black boxes are on about 40m cars in the US and seem to be able to track the speed that the car was traveling. Most likely the acceleration sensors are used to deploy the airbag, but also help the automakers against product liability lawsuits.

Friday, May 16, 2003
Oregon County Seeks Klingon Interpreter story shown to be massaged by the media. It was an AP rewrite of an Oregonian story which emphasized that this was a humorous thing which was done since it was free and that there might be the off chance of actually having a mental patient who only spoke Klingon. From the AP's lips no more fact checking was done and the story was transmitted to everyone. The Fox news attitude, we report, you decide.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Microsoft comes clean on iLoo

More info from the inventor who now thinks MS calling it a joke might be some sort of conspiracy to discredit his design. "This has essentially discredited my design and potentially stopped any chance of it entering the market," he said, "as it will always be seen as either the Microsoft product, or just another joke." - News - Fitness Club Members Complain Body Left Out During Workout

24 hour fitness club stays open after member dies of heart attack. Members body is left on floor and covered with towels while other members workout within 5 feet of dead man. Description of staff attitude "it deson't really matter"

Did Microsoft "borrow" the iLoo concept?

True to form, MS borrowed the iLoo concept. At least thats whats claimed by an inventor. His concept which is partially owned by his university as it was created to fulfill his degree requirements had the same name but had a few improvements. On top of surfing the web on the pot, the user did not need to use a kb (for hygene reasons) and information would be printed on toilet paper.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
The shit hits the fan: iLoo not a hoax but in the crapper

After a number of media sources commented with incredulity at the MS iLoo "fake" one month late april fools press release, MS comes clean. Some execs at MS HQ saw the release in the news and decided to flush the idea. Unfortunately for MS their PR company pushed out a fecal filled tale of an April fools gone awry. MS now admits that their press release process is under review so hopefully it won't cause such big a stink next time.

Microsoft: ILoo Idea Full of Poop

Microsoft's UK division announced on May 2nd that it was creating the iLoo. A wi fi port a potty with a waterproof keyboard that you could put on your lap. Seemingly weird, the references to british humor implied that such a device might be acceptable in the UK. After being posted to news sites such as MSNBC, Wall St Journal, AP and Reuters and being left up for a week on their website, MS tries to claim that they were just pulling our legs. I guess someone's in the crapper over at MS UK division :)

Monday, May 12, 2003
Twin teens terrorise town, claiming ability to teleport

The 17 year old twins set up a protection racket by convincing neightborhood children that they could teleport. One twin would intimidate a child who would run off and after rounding a corner would run into the other twin who would say "you can run but you can't hide." Using this tactic, children voluntarily handed over protection money to the twins, and operated "based on fear and intimidation"

Sunday, May 11, 2003
Kitty cuts off own paw to save itself

A kitty after being pinned for days by an 800 pound Domo Kun in a green meadow, had to break its own bones before it could cut the limb off with a dull knife.

"Meow, meow, meow" it told reporters at the hospital where it was recuperating. The kitty was rescued last week after cutting off its own paw.

"Once that Domo Kun came to rest there was no way it would be released in time to save its paw" said an officer who was at the scene. A surgeon told the kitty that the recovered paw suffered significant soft tissue damage and loss of circulation.

When the kitty walked into a room for the news conference it pawed at a camera to take pictures of the assembled press. 'Meow, Meow' it said, smiling.

5ive Minute Stories -- Victory To the victor go the spoils, history is written by the victors. Generally society sees victory from the point of view of the victor and thus as generally a good thing. One never really thinks of the cost of victory. It was our victorious fight against Communism that led to our support of the Baath party (a secular rather than a Islamic fundamentalist sect) in Iraq. Victory in the first Gulf War led to 9/11. This led to the victory in the second Gulf War. What will the cost of this victory be?

Mountaineer Broke His Bones Before Amputating Arm
a followup to the Pinned Hike Cuts off his own arm story

Some details on what happened. He tried to ram himself into the boulder in hopes of moving it but the boulder wouldn't budge. After finishing off the last crumbs in his candy bar wrapping and finishing his water he decided he had to do something before he became too weak. He decided to break his arm by twisting it while enduring excruciating pain.

For this he has been given a big balls award by the (one armed) nutsack squirrel. says that I "links to blogs which link to these blogs"
Pure Land Mountain

I don't see anything that we link to in common, but I didn't take a close look.